Parenthood is NO. JOKE.

We Want To Help You Feel Awesome!

At Sweetpea Nutrition we support moms to help you feel amazing! We know pregnancy and parenthood can be tough and often our own needs and self care are shoved WAY back. We want to help you refocus on yourself by paying attention to what you eat, the ways you move, and how you think. We offer customized nutrition and lifestyle plans and ongoing support to help you crush your goals and regain your vitality.

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Who do we work with?

Trying to Conceive? We live in a busy world and it’s important to make sure your body is ready for growing your family. We’ll guide you through preconception nurturing and nourishment, fertility detox and support in getting your body ready to have a baby. Whether you are actively trying to conceive or you are thinking you may want to conceive at some point in the future, it is never too early to start working on your pre-baby glow.

Pregnant? Are you eating for two? Three? More? Regardless, knowing what is best for your body during your pregnancy is important. We provide nutrition support and practical guidance in helping you achieve a healthful pregnancy. Drawing from the latest research and recommendations along with years of experience, we’ll put together a nutritional strategy for you so you can use foods to help prevent and alleviate common pregnancy complaints. In addition to helping you grow a healthy baby, we also help you grow into your role and build your confidence as a mother.

Parent? As a new (or not new!) mom, there is so much that you have to take care of—don’t forget to look after yourself. We focus on foods to help you with your postpartum recovery, mood, energy and breastfeeding support. It is all about love, self care, replenishment of nutrients and bonding with your new baby. As your little one grows, we can also answer questions about when and how to introduce solids for them, allergies, picky eating and developing healthy habits for the whole family.


What Some Moms are Saying..

“Allison’s program wasn’t just helpful with meal planning and recipe ideas, but a guided holistic postpartum self-care program. She encouraged me to explore ways of nourishing myself and my family through goal setting, habit training, mindfulness, and forming healthy routines. Allison provided tasty & healthy options for breakfast, lunch, drinks, snacks, dessert, and one pan dinners that are tailored for postpartum families. I am so happy that I joined her, and continue to draw on the habits that I formed whenever being a Mom becomes challenging!” -Kisti

"After my second child was born, I tended to use sugary foods to help me during weeks of little sleep, and occasional indulgences turned into every day snacks. My weight was rising, and my energy levels were falling. Allison helped motivate me to make goals; some of them were easy, and others harder, but they were always within reach if I worked at it. She helped hold me accountable to doing what I set out to do. There was never any judgement, and I truly felt Allison understood exactly what I was going through and struggling with." -Liz

Ways We Can Work Together

The Nutrition SOS: Have some burning nutrition questions you just want answered? Confused about what to eat during your pregnancy? Want to try the latest weight loss diet fad but worried if it is safe and legit? Want to know which foods help support breastfeeding or promote tissue repair after baby? In this 1 hour session we can chat about any concerns or questions you may have. You’ll fill out an intake form in advance and send over some of your burning questions and then get ready for an hour of our undivided attention to help you get clear and focused. This is for the individual who doesn’t have a lot of medical issues and doesn’t want ongoing support or follow up. You just want an hour of our time to get some evidence based, practical answers. Cost: $140. Email to get on the waitlist!

The Deep Dive: This package is for those wanting to go a little deeper. You want a customized plan and also realize you do better when you have a bit of support and accountability to help you implement changes, especially in the beginning. We focus on diet, mindset, activity, supplements and lifestyle factors (as they are ALL connected).

The Deep Dive includes:

  • 1 hour assessment to find out more about you, your lifestyle, diet, medical history and goals.

  • A customized plan tailor made for you, which will include recipes, resources, tools and tips to help you achieve your goals and feel your best.

  • 1 month of unlimited email support so we can stay connected and address any concerns right away.

  • Two 30 minute follow up calls (to be scheduled within a month of your assessment, to really make sure you get a solid start on your behaviour change). During these calls we can dig into any challenges you may be experiencing, address any questions and continue to support and provide encouragement.  We can also make tweaks to the plan at this time and ensure it is truly customized for the duration of our time together.  

  • Includes a free month in the meal prep membership.

    Cost: $397 (payment plans available) Email to get on the waitlist!

The Transformation: This 6 month program is for those who have big goals and want to work closely with someone to help achieve them. We will be in this together, side by side. This is a 6 month INTENSIVE program, so we are truly looking for those who are ready to make some changes and are committed to doing the work to begin to live their life the way they have envisioned.

For the 6 month transformation you get the following:

  • 1 hour assessment where we take a thorough look at your life, diet, medical history, goals and various behaviours.

  • Fully customized plan which includes recommendations, resources and tools based on our assessment (these can be things like recipes, focus foods, meal plans, suggested supplements, activity trackers, journal exercises etc)

  • 6 months free in the Meal Prep Membership

  • Free access to any Sweetpea Nutrition online workshops

  • Biweekly 30 minute phone calls (total of 12 calls) where we look at barriers to behaviour change and work through how we can change habits and work with your biology to feel better and reach your goals.  These sessions are all about problem solving and figuring out how to implement the changes while also focusing on your goals and making sure we are staying true to those

  • Weekly email check ins to see how things are going, address challenges and make changes where needed, while also being able to celebrate wins

  • Unlimited email access to me to ask questions and get support when you need it

  • Some AHHHHH-MAZING bonuses including some of my favourite books and self care products (think beautiful journals, essential oils and my fave superfoods)

    Cost: $1794 (can pay in full or $299/month for 6 months). Email to get on the waitlist!

It is my mission to help moms (and moms to be) feel as fabulous as they should! It is a privilege to help guide you during your journey into and through parenthood and I look forward to connecting