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Our Story

As a nutritionist and researcher, Sweetpea Founder Allison Martineau often worked with expectant moms. However, it was only during her own pregnancy with her first son that she truly understood the unique nutrition challenges that come during this time: between the crazy food cravings, food aversions, nausea, sleep disturbance and fatigue, many pregnant moms can’t fathom eating anything, let alone a well-balanced diet.

Feeling overwhelmed, Allison decided to face these unique nutrition challenges head-on and began researching the unique diet needs of pregnant and postpartum women. She found herself wading through a sea of information with no easy answers—and she wasn’t alone. Her clients wanted to know about food and nutrition for pregnancy, postpartum, birth recovery, breastfeeding and fertility. This need for better, easy to digest, information is the motivation behind Sweetpea Nutrition.  

Four years and another two births later, Sweetpea Nutrition is here to help expectant parents get the answers they need when it comes to pre- and post-pregnancy nutrition.