New Mom Nutrition Jumpstart

A practical formula for more energy and health

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New motherhood is no joke. 

If you’re feeling run-down, not yourself, or generally less-than-healthy, you're not alone.

The good news? 

It's fixable, and the New Mom Nutrition Jumpstart will get you there. 

This course, created by nutritionist and mama-of-three Allison Martineau, is a practical roadmap that will gently teach you how to refocus on yourself, find more energy, and create a happier you.

Over five, self-paced lessons, new moms (of babies up to 12 months and beyond) will discover how to establish sustainable, long-lasting wellness, healthy habits, and a positive mindset during this busy season of life.


Foundations: Five key pillars to set yourself up for success

  • Develop key foundational habits that are easy to implement but give you a big boost to start feeling better. We'll dig deep to find your why, set achievable goals so you can celebrate your progress, choose accountability buddies, and learn the habits that'll help you succeed.

Module One: Learn where your body is, so you know where you're going

  • You are what gets absorbed, so in this module you'll get clear about how your body's digestion and hormones are currently functioning before we add strategies to make changes. You'll learn to recognize signs of nutritional deficiencies, and a blood sugar imbalance, so you can tackle these first to give your body a solid foundation upon which to build healthy habits.

Module Two: Nourish yourself through the postpartum period

  • Food choices can support the specific life changes your body goes through postpartum, including physical healing, sleep, and breastfeeding. You'll learn how to improve your mood and conquer cravings with healthy fats, fibre, and by reducing your refined sugar intake. With delicious recipes to follow, you'll be well-equipped to feel your best, postpartum and beyond.

Module Three: Put it all together

  • Using your newfound understanding of your body's postpartum needs, you'll learn creative ways to meal plan and prep food, that can be done in short bursts of time, ensuring you know just what to eat on those extra busy motherhood days. Plus, you'll practice ways to take care of you, through movement and exercise, mindfulness, and skin care. The lessons in this powerful module will help you make time for yourself. 

Module Four: Make your new habits stick

  • Progress happens when small habit changes are followed daily. And these new practical habits stick when you have an organized plan to fall back on. You'll finish this module with mindfulness tools to help you continue to make steady, healthy progress towards your goals.

In the New Mom Nutrition Jumpstart you'll receive:

  • Five modules packed full of practical nutrition and wellness strategies
  • Habit and mindset training that you can lean on for life
  • 50+ healthy recipes that are quick and simple to make
  • A four-week meal plan to help you reset your eating habits
  • Access to expert interviews for the best information in new mom wellness

Your guide


Hi, I'm Allison Martineau.

A nutritionist and mom to three boys under four. I get what it’s like to feel run-down, not yourself, or generally less-than-healthy following the birth of a baby. But I also know that getting out of a postpartum rut isn’t as hard as it may feel – when you know what steps to take.

I believe nutrition doesn't need to be complicated, and am so passionate about sharing my  simple nutritional and lifestyle strategies with new mothers.

"After my second child was born, I tended to use sugary foods to help me during weeks of little sleep, and occasional indulgences turned into every day snacks. My weight was rising, and my energy levels were falling. Allison helped motivate me to make goals; some of them were easy, and others harder, but they were always within reach if I worked at it. She helped hold me accountable to doing what I set out to do. There was never any judgement, and I truly felt Allison understood exactly what I was going through and struggling with." -Liz

Feel better inside and out

This course is all about you and your health. You'll build mindset habits that'll replace binge-fests in front of the TV with mindful eating. You'll feel confident about cooking and meal planning-because you have a plan-and know how to use foods to satisfy cravings, sustain your energy, and feel better about yourself. 

Program begins June 4th, 2018

Is the New Mom Nutrition Jumpstart for you? 

If you find yourself nodding along to even one of these statements, then this program will help you feel happier and healthier.

  • You're feeling-mentally and/or physically- like a distant version, of your pre-baby self
  • You're constantly tired, and relying on sugar and/or coffee to get you through the day
  • You're focused on everyone and everything except yourself
  • You're aware of what foods you should be eating but what you're actually eating is much different
  • You want to feel like you're really living-full of energy- rather than merely surviving

"With Allison's guidance, I have made simple changes and substitutions with the overall outcome of feeling more energized and acquiring better nutritional habits. A handful of her recipes are now our family favourites, including the energy balls, chia pudding, and meatballs. Allison is a personable nutritionist who meets you where you are at on your nutritional journey." -Angela

Let's focus on progress over perfection

Rome wasn't build in a day. Small shifts over time WILL lead to sustainable change-and this program is your foundation. Stick with me on this journey, and in a few short weeks, you can expect to start feeling: 

  • More energy
  • Better about your body
  • More in tune with yourself
  • Confident about cooking and meal planning using power foods 

The New Mom Nutrition Jumpstart begins June 4th, 2018