Feeding Baby

An Introducing Solids Workshop

Is Your Little One Ready to Start Solids?

Starting your baby on solids can be a stressful time, with up to 54% of parents reporting that they are very confused about when, how or what to feed their baby.

Good news: it doesn’t have to be! With the Introducing Solids workshop you’ll gain practical information, easy-to-follow tips, and loads of healthy recipes to make mealtimes safe and enjoyable for your little one.

Created by nutritionist and mama-of-three Allison Martineau, this workshop is a practical guide to teach you how to confidently feed your growing baby — setting them up with healthy eating habits for life.

Gain practical feeding strategies including:

  • Key signs your baby is ready to start solids

  • Best first foods based on current Health Canada guidelines

  • Foods to avoid for both health and safety reasons

  • The connection between feeding and motor development

  • An introduction to baby-led weaning and purees

  • Important nutrients for your baby

  • The difference between natural gagging vs choking

  • Nutritional remedies for constipation

  • How to handle food allergies

  • Key supplements for growing babies

"I met Allison when my daughter was around 10 months old. I had already introduced solids but I wasn’t confident that I was preparing meals to meet all of her nutritional needs. Allison answered all of my questions and provided many helpful suggestions for healthy, nutritious and delicious meals that my husband, baby and I could enjoy as a family. I really appreciated her non judgemental approach as well as her personal anecdotal experience as a mother. She made me feel much more comfortable at meal and snack time and I now have a very happy toddler with healthy eating habits! " -Alyssa

Your guide:


Hi, I'm Allison Martineau.

A nutritionist and mom to three boys under four, I know first-hand that as your little one grows you want their first experiences with food to be healthy and safe—helping them develop healthy habits for life.

Here’s what I know to be true: Introducing solids to your baby doesn’t need to be complicated—allergies, picky eating, and more, can be handled with ease—when you know the steps to take. That’s why I’m passionate about sharing my simple nutritional and lifestyle strategies for feeding infants.

In the Introducing Solids workshop, you’ll receive:

  • An easy-to-follow, in-depth presentation to watch again and again

  • A baby/toddler recipe book that includes 30+ nutritionist favourites

  • Quick reference handouts to answer the questions that matter to you most (e.g., top first foods, best sources of iron, favourite food combos, and more)

  • Ongoing email access to Allison Martineau to answer your top feeding questions

  • Confidence to feed your baby solids!

"As a second time mom I thought all my fears and anxieties about feeding my baby would be non existent. I was shocked when they came flooding back to me. I felt like I was failing. I remembered meeting Allison at one of the mom groups I was part of a few months back and decided to contact her. Allison was not only helpful in giving me information, she was also kind, patient and understanding. She gave me the exact kind of support I needed. With Allison’s help I was able to start feeding my baby with little to no anxiety. I am so incredibly grateful for her help and her ONGOING support. " -Talia


Confidently feed your baby!