My Favourite Recipes To Boost Your Energy

Ever eat something and feel sluggish, bloated and like you need a nap STAT.  Food can have a negative effect on our energy levels, however fortunately it can also have a positive effect and can make us feel lighter, satisfied and more energetic.

Here are some of my favourite recipes that give me that boost of energy I need, keep my blood sugar stable, mood elevated and body feeling great. Bonus: these recipes can be made in advance and come together super fast.

Medjool Date with Peanut Butter.  This is one of those recipes (if it can even be called really is just a scoop of peanut butter on a date!) that are great when you have nothing else prepped and just need some quick energy that won't leave your blood sugar out of whack.  The date has a sweet caramel flavour and is loaded with fibre and packed with minerals and vitamins.  The addition of peanut (or other nut) butter helps to bulk out the snack with the staying power of fat and protein. Seriously try this; so good!


Muffins. I love a good muffin recipe that satisfies my sweet tooth and feels indulgent but that actually includes ingredients healthy enough that I could eat it for breakfast. I have many wonderful muffin recipes but one of my go tos would have to be my carrot oat banana bread muffins...chock full of veggies, oats, healthy fats from flax and chia, sweetness from some banana and raisins and topped off with a pinch of cinnamon, these muffins do not disappoint and are a perfect on the go snack.


Smoothies. No denying it...I love smoothies and have them almost every day.  See my kitchen hack for how I make my smoothies in advance! The beauty of a smoothie is that they come together quickly, taste great and can be jam packed full of amazing nutritious foods.  Avocados, spinach, berries, collagen protein, hemp seeds, spices, nut butters...the list goes on.  Pretty much anything is fair game in my smoothies :) If I had to pick a favourite I would go with my classic cherry chocolate smoothie.  Frozen cherries, banana, spinach and avocado form the base.  Just add some almond milk or water, a splash of vanilla, spoon of cocoa powder and a pinch of cinnamon and you are in smoothie bliss!


Meatballs. I love these meatballs since it is easy to double or triple the recipe, they freeze well, can be eaten alone (I often just microwave 2 or 3 of them from the freezer as a quick snack!) or added to a sauce and topped over pasta. They are packed with veggies and are a real crowd pleaser.  Make a bunch and freeze them so you always have something quick, delicious and filling to eat in a pinch. Instant energy!


Chilli. For me nothing tops a great chilli on a cold day.  Use what ingredients you have on hand and it will come together so quickly and be super satisfying.  My version always has canned tomatoes, frozen corn, black beans, carrot, celery, onion, garlic, red pepper and ground beef all enhanced by salt to taste, a generous amount of chilli powder and cumin. Top with yogurt, avocado or parsley and you are set. And if you're really feeling decadent serve alongside my zucchini corn bread muffins. Enjoy!!